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About Us

The School of Images® United Kingdom was created in 2014 by Irene Viglia Atton, as an extension of the main School of Images® based in New York City

Today the certified teachers and practitioners of SOI UK are working closely together to bring forth the knowledge and teaching here in the United Kingdom, as well as coordinating events for the main school.

SOI UK has worked closely with Dr. Catherine Shainberg to build a Space based on Integrity, respect of the original work and cooperation

Since then students have been studying and training with Catherine through onsite seminar that have been held in the Fitzrovia area, Central London


The School in the UK is a 'Hub' that helps those interested to connect with the original method of Imagery and Dreaming work as taught by Dr. Catherine Shainberg

The School in the UK is a platform to host Catherine's seminars and to develop students and practitioners who wish to integrate this practise in their daily lives and work

Anyone has the ability to tap into their true imagination and creative power no matter what background and culture we come from

The UK School wishes to support the main School and Catherine to teach the use of imagination for transformational purposes as well as holding the space for those who wish to train to become practitioners for the School

School Mission

The belief is that this primary global language has the capacity to unify communities while empowering the individual. It is our goal to make this opportunity available to all people. Dreaming, visualisation and revelation, the keys to the forgotten power of the imagination, are dynamic techniques which bring clarity, healing and renewal.

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