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To support you through your Journey of conception, pregnancy, labour and bonding here a list of certified Practitioners for the DreamBirth Method

Danila Davoli

Certified Swimming Tutor/Instructor, AquaBaby,

Women support during the different phases

from Conception to Bonding with Child in water

+44 (0) 7771 864 613

Michaela Kalusova

Doula, Hypnobirthing, EFT, Pre and perinatal psychology, supporting women with sexual and birth trauma

Emily Housman

Midwife, Psychology BSc

+44 (0) 7591 617 012

Irene Viglia Atton

Heart Leadership, Coach and Trainer for Women in Business

+44 (0) 7941 391673

Tiffany Stephens

Healing Facilitator, Shamanic Practitioner, Mentor, Sacred Journey & Retreat Facilitator, Womb Keeper, Ceremony Facilitator and Spiritual Companion

+44 (0) 7855 986818

tiffany 2_edited.jpg

Samara Hana Mokrisova

Imagery for Children, Children's Yoga Teacher, Autism and ADHD inclusive

+44(0)7931 940 641

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