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The Method

The School of Images® teaches techniques of the Kabbalah of Light. The lineage dates back to Isaac the Blind of Provence, France, and Jacob Ben Sheshet of Gerona, Spain in the 13th century. Revered Kabbalist Madame Colette Aboulker-Muscat was the last holder of the Lineage and she adapted this ancient method to meet the needs of our modern world. Colette adopted Catherine as her spiritual daughter and to her she passed on this ancient knowledge 

The Saphire Method as created and taught by Dr. Catherine Shainberg is the practice of inner vision. It teaches you how to short-circuit your inner chatter and hone in on the image that speaks louder than a thousand words. Saphire uses common tools – visualisation, imagery, dreams, dreaming – in a revolutionary new way. The uniqueness of Saphire® is the jolt that, like a magic word, opens the doors to your subconscious and plunges you straight into your dreaming mind. Quick, revelatory, surprising, it is an event to be experienced. You will gain immediate access to your creativity, truth and inner guidance

SAPHIRE™ is applied to delve into diverse topics through dreaming. As you are guided to look within yourself you learn to change those aspects of your life that are not fully flowing and embrace your true self. Workshops and Classes are focused on specific topics

The work of Imagery and Dreaming as uniquely taught by the School of Images gives you an opportunity to integrate in your everyday life quick and dynamic exercises and ways to cut through obstacles and transform and evolve

The more one practises the work the more one gets to understand the true meaning of 'changing the inside to change the outer reality'

Students here in the UK have attended the UK seminars as Catherine visits London. They have been learning how to introduce the techniques to improve their personal relationships and performances in their personal lives and work environments

Life is a Dream. Whether at night while we sleep, or awake during the day, we are constantly dreaming our reality into being with each thought and desire. The Power of Dreaming emerges when we become aware of “how” and “what” we actually are dreaming in our lives, nigh time and daytime, so that the two worlds merge and it is then, we begin to find inner peace, establish deeper connections and embody our inherent truth which brings greater fulfilment and a sense of wholeness.

 Our Dreams are a natural way to access the subconscious mind and gain insight on the mystery of life which we experience. Dreams hold our true feelings, needs, desires and reveals the very nature of our being. How? The ancient kabbhalists understood the layers of dreaming and the different ways in which the dream communicates - through the universal language of the Imagination. Not to be confused with fantasy, Imagination is the interface between Dreaming and The Dreamer. It’s through the agency of The Imagination that the Dreamer can respond to the Dream to heal and transform our inner world for outer change. Dreaming is an innate source of wisdom, assisting us as Dreamers, to manifest desires, discover our purpose, enhance creativity, gain clarity, improve intuition and ultimately become liberated from our own limitations of fear and insecurity.


Are your ready to discover your hidden potential and embody your Greater Self and  harness The Power of Dreaming?

  • Learn the language of Dreams and how to identify: patterns, numbers, colours, people, places, puns, dualities and mirror images

  • Discover the ancient Kabbalist’s way of opening a dream to reveal it’s layers

  • Connect your night time dream with your day time dreams

  • Practice beginner and advanced exercises to improve your dream life in day and night time

  • Develop skills to respond to dreams for transformation and healing with imagery techniques

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