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Starting from May 2019 Catherine will begin teaching Morphology here in the UK, a very important part of the School of Images studies

Have a look at the video below describing you what morphology is all about and what will bring to you

Morphology: What is it that the face and body reveal? Hebrew the word face – PANIM-has a double meaning: one side, and the connections of life within it. The face is the means by which the invisible becomes visible, is the nexus of the secrets of the soul with the body language. Morphology is the study of human potential as it manifests in the form and structure of the face and body. It reveals the character and temperament base. This work deepens your knowledge in the language of the body and can serve as a complementary tool to traditional and alternative therapies.

In Morphology we study the Twelve Greek Gods, their myths and how these translate into body types. You learn to recognise the signs of the Gods’ personalities on the faces and bodies of the people you encounter. You learn to read them and to respond appropriately.

  • 3 body types based on embryonic development

  • The 3 areas of mental, emotional and physical

  • The four humors of Hippocrates and Ezekiel’s vision (how the elements are combined to determine the temperament)

  • Study of the hand

  • The Seven Openings

  • The 12 morphological types, 12 Greek gods and 12 Hebrew tribes (how shape determines the character and behavior)

Morphology is a guide to observe and accept the true nature of each individual, a path to inner wisdom through body awareness

Upcoming workshop

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